Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Hi, my name is Cat_grrrl, welcome to my blog. I work for a music website and spend my days at work writing descriptions of bands and events that I don't like, so I thought I would start my own blog so I can actually write about the ones I do like. This blog isn't always going to be cool, though it will be sometimes. It definitely won't be amazingly written or use pretentious phrases, it might introduce some people to music they might otherwise never have heard about though. I could post about any band from Girls Aloud to Dinosaur Jr, the current number one in the charts to the latest obscure hipster band that the kids are chatting about. I will be sharing new music that is making me excited, old music that I randomly feel like writing about, talking about records I buy, gigs I go to, and amazing support bands that I come across. I may post everyday, I may not post for a month. It's just a bit of fun right?

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