Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Schmalentines

Bonjour! I decided today to compile a list of the Five best songs with the word 'Valentine' in the title. I thought I would find loads, but after racking my brains, and trawling through Spotify, I've discovered there aren't so many after all, and most of them are pretty awful. Anyway, I didn't let that stop me so here are the best ones I could find. Enjoy them alone, with your boyfriend, girlfriend, cat, bottle of wine, or whatever.


Okay, so if you wanna be a smart ass, the word 'Valentine' is in the band name rather than the song title but I had to include My Bloody Valentine. Total legends. I'm sure most of us know someone who's ears have suffered after seeing them live.


Tweeeeee! Here is a band that some of you might not be aware of, but should be. They are called 'The School' and they come from Cardiff. Sooo cute, and singer Liz Hunt used to be in another band called The Loves, who were also ace! The School have released two albums and claim Molly Ringwald is a fan. Check them out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/theschoolband


Richard Hawley is my slightly embarassing older man crush. I met him in person once.

See. What a twat (me, not him).


Not really one of their better tunes in my opinion but some of you might like it.


With lyrics such as
'Some day boy you'll reap what you've sown
You'll catch a cold and you'll be on your own'
this is the perfect track if you are feeling a bit miserable on V-day.

A final mention goes to Hello Saferide - Valentines Day, which wasn't on youtube but you can find it on Spotify and should listen to them because they are lots of fun.

Happy Valentines day everyone xxxxx

Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 Top 20

Here,in no particular order (because that would be impossible for me) are my top 20 singles that were released in 2011. If you didn't hear them then you should've. This was meant to be a top 5 but I got carried away.

Because Vivian Girls just can't do ANYTHING wrong, EVER, and they are one of very few bands who make albums that I can listen to from start to finish.


I love this band so much, I wore a temporary tattoo of a heart with their name inside on new years eve and I wished it was real. Being drunk and calling people 'sausage roll thumb' never gets boring for me, although I think it has for my friends who wonder what the hell I'm talking about.


This was only released in November, I don't know a great deal about Sharon Von Etten but she does have a new album coming in February. This song is just amazing.


This band are so good. When I heard their self-titled album I literally said shit about 10 times in a row and had to lie down.


The Rapture have made a better song than House Of Jealous Lovers!


So moody.


I find this impossible not to dance to. Seriously, If it comes onto my ipod and I'm in Asda, or on the bus or something then I look really stupid in public.


Their album 'Only in Dreams' is so good but all of the songs are so sad!


This is Carrie Brownsteins new band. You should know who she is.


This is my favourite ever band, Los Campesinos. Everything they do is amazing and Gareth is a lyrical genius.


Finally saw Stephen Malkmus in the flesh this year! Yay!


How pop should sound.


Top Of The Morning! I like listening to this whilst I'm walking to work. It makes me smile in the morning :-) and I love the lyrics about 'the house we never owned...' etc.


I love screaming the chorus to this repeatedly when I'm in the shower.


This band are crazy live, totally like no other band I've ever seen.


This song blows me away. It sounds like something from the early nineties.


An old one, Loved this when it came out.


This band are on the BBC tips for 2012 list. It's so catchy!


This has been on repeat at my house for the last month.


Finally this is the best music video of 2011! Cats EVERYWHERE!